Re-imagining Prosperity:
alternative economies for peace

Build Peace 2018 will explore how technological innovation and creativity re-shape the economic opportunities, economic organisation, and economic power that impact how we live together in peace – in the Global North and the Global South alike.

In many contexts, building peace requires addressing the role of economics in conflict. To build peace, we must also re-imagine the economic organisation and economic powers that affect how we live together. Creative and digital economies can provide alternative economic models that tackle inequality, reduce social exclusion, and make communities more resilient to conflict. At the same time, creative and digital economies can create or deepen conflict, altering or reinforcing the balance of power in ways that damage efforts towards reconciliation and social cohesion.

We will organise our collective inquiry across three sub-themes:

Creativity & Reconciliation

How can creative and digital economies contribute to reconciliation and coexistence? Talks and workshops will explore the role of creative industries, digital hubs and makerspaces in conflict and post-conflict societies. Speakers will also tackle how engaging in technological innovation and creative expression can both provide alternative economic opportunities and offer spaces for collaboration that strengthen reconciliation and coexistence.
Inclusion & Social Cohesion

How can creative and digital economies help secure access to prosperity for all in conflict and post-conflict settings? Talks and workshops will explore whether creative and digital economies promote inclusion in economic activities and reduce inequality, both of which are crucial contributors to social cohesion. Speakers will also tackle whether technological innovation and creative expression can provide pathways for including vulnerable groups (minorities, ex-combatants or traumatised populations) in prosperity.
Sustainability & Resilience

What new or under-utilised modes of organising linked to creative and digital economies contribute most to community resilience to conflict? Talks and workshops will explore how social enterprises, the peer-to-peer economy, alternative financing and alternative property ownership models can both provide economic pathways and build local ownership that contributes to peace. Speakers will also tackle the particular opportunities and challenges of engaging corporate technology and corporate arts to build sustainable prosperity that also contributes to peace.

These themes are particularly relevant to the Northern Irish context, and will draw on local examples and experiences. We aim to invite speakers and participants familiar with innovative work at the nexus of technology, creativity, economics and peace in places like Syria, Colombia, Rwanda, South Africa, Myanmar, USA, and Bosnia & Herzegovina. We invite you to Build Peace 2018 to re-imagine prosperity. How to build peace? Join us to chart the future.