The song remains the same (by Luis Puig)

[Prologue: “Songs my father taught me” by Helena Puig Larrauri

Luis Puig is a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Valencia, an avid gardener, and a keen blogger. He’s also my dad, and perhaps, above all these, his real passion has always been music. With years of experience curating his own refined collection, we asked him to put together a mixtape of songs about peace for the Build Peace 2015 conference. What he dug up were mainly songs about war. In this blog post, he reflects on what that means for peacebuilding. In many ways, this music represents the sensibility and values of the 1968 generation, filtered through a love of vinyl and the particular experience of anti-fascist activism in Spain. His musical taste and his values have informed much of what I do. We may go from vinyl to cd to digital and back to vinyl again; while the tech may change, the values of non-violent activism remain.]


Build Peace 2015 Tape by Luis Puig on Mixcloud

What is the point of war?

Edwin Starr shouts it loud and clear: “War! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!”
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