What we learned from Build Peace 2014 (by Rodrigo Davies)

[This post was originally published on the MIT Centre for Civic Media blog.]

Last month at the Media Lab, HelenaJenMichaela and I organized Build Peace, a conference to bring together practitioners from the worlds of peacebuilding and technology to talk about how the two fields could work together. It was an incredibly enlightening and generative three days, and before the first conference had even finished, we had already decided that there needed to be a Build Peace 2015. If you missed it, you can catch up by reading Helena’s lookback. We’re excited by the community that is starting to form around the technology for peacebuilding conversation and the many potential spin-off projects that are emerging. We were incredibly lucky to have such a diverse and talented array of participants and collaborators.

Now that we’ve had a few weeks to reflect on Build Peace, I wanted to share some of our thoughts on how we went about putting together the event.

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