Behaviour change and empowerment at #buildpeace (by Jen Welch)

A while ago we published a post that outlined the themes for Build Peace 2015. By engaging with three sub-themes: empowerment, behaviour change and impact, the conference will explore how the use of technology is resulting in the creation of alternative infrastructures for peace. After spending months talking to participants and speakers, getting ready for the main event, we thought we’d share some reflections on how it all fits together, and how some of the broader questions have evolved since Build Peace 2014 as speakers and panelists prepare their contributions.

One that has come up a few times is on the difference and relationship between empowerment and behaviour change, when we talk about technology to help build peace. So in the rest of this post, I will lay out some thoughts, hoping to generate debates and discussions that can be examined more deeply at conference.

What do we mean by ‘behaviour change’?

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