Reflections on Build Peace 2015 (by Dan Marsh)

Starting a blog is often the point I dread the most and this time is no exception. Not because of not knowing what to write; Build Peace showcased so many good ideas, shared without fear in a spectacular setting with such a positive energy; but because adding a full stop to that unbounded creativity and energy seems totally wrong. So with my colleagues at International Alert, I intend to keep that energy flowing, by talking to anyone who will listen about why technology for peacebuilding is so exciting and something we all need to work on together.

Working together is hugely important – the Build Peace Database is a great start to this and something I hope to contribute to even more, perhaps creating something like an ‘app store for peace tech’. The more we are able to share our successes, our knowledge, our code and data where appropriate, the more effort can go into the peacebuilding work and the greater our combined impact.

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