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Peacebuilding Reboot (by Sheldon Himelfarb)

In December I met three inspiring girls, all about 13 years old, in Mumbai India. They’d come from Dharavi, the largest slum in Asia, to demonstrate the mobile app they’d developed to counter gender violence. It sounded an alarm, sent a help message to friends, and shared their location. Simple but effective.

Theirs is a case study in the democratization of information and capital flows happening around the world. Working on their shared laptop, from the very heart of deprivation and daily violence, they accessed M.I.T.’s do-it-yourself app-maker program to build their prototype. Connected via Skype with our team in Washington, they get weekly development assistance in preparing their app for release on the Google Play Store. And now, with more help from friends and fans around the world, they’re trying to crowdsource funds in the hopes of both sharing their brainchild more widely and maybe even making a few dollars from it.


Photo Credit: Dharavi Diary

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Together Separate: Contesting Space

We’re excited to announce that Build Peace 2015 will inaugurate its first art program, entitled Together Separate: Contesting Space.

Together Separate is an artistic showcase of individual and collective work that engages with the global issue of contested boundaries, borders, and spaces — a theme directly reflected in the host city of Nicosia. We ask, “What does it mean to create, claim, hold, and/or use a space?” To answer this question, we seek works that address human experiences of shared and contested space, including but not limited to public and private spaces, digital space, permanent and temporary spaces, natural and artificial spaces, political and economic spaces, secure space, unsecured space, crossing through space, transcending space, occupying space, and lack of space.

Together Separate is built on three main ideas.
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Build Peace 2015 – call for speakers!

Build Peace 2015 – Peace through Technology will take place in Cyprus on April 25-26, 2015. It will discuss the emergence of alternative infrastructures for peace through three key topics: behaviour change, empowerment and impact. (see here for more information).

We would like to invite peacebuilders, academics, technologists and anyone else involved in using technology to help build peace to apply for one of the available speaker slots at Build Peace 2015.

Short TalkBuild Peace 2014
There will be 15 Short Talks throughout the Conference. Each lasts no longer than 5 minutes and is intended to showcase a project that uses technology for peacebuilding. See here for example and details of last year’s short presentations.

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Peace through Technology: By Whom, For Whom? (by Jen Welch)

The next Build Peace conference will take place on April 25 & 26, 2015 in Nicosia, Cyprus and already counts with the support of the UNDP Cyprus office. Where Build Peace 2014 aimed to demonstrate the potential of using technology for peacebuilding in terms of ‘breadth’ of initiatives and ideas, Build Peace 2015 will begin to examine issues of ‘depth’ – how the use of technology is resulting in the creation of alternative infrastructures for peace.

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