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Improving practices, disrupting narratives (by Chip Hauss)

There were two key meta-themes to the conference that may well define two ways we could and should move:

  • Some participants want to use IT tools to improve our existing practice
  • Others are more interested in using IT to disrupt our field so that we do qualitatively different things and work in entirely different ways in addition to improving what we are already doing. In Steven Wunker’s talk, how do we use technology to disrupt the narrative of peacebuilding.

Perhaps because my own technical/methodological training dates from the 1970s and is largely statistically and small-data driven, I was struck by three possibilities, the second of which got less attention than I expected. I present them in increasing order of their importance to me.

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Technology to Wage Peace Not War (by Andrew Greene)

[This post was originally published on Andrew Greene’s blog.]

Technology can be used for building Peace not War. Whilst some folks may be wracking their brains to produce technology that is tantamount to accelerating conflict or causing blatant mayhem, a small but very influential organization ‘Build Peace’ has just done the reverse. They have proven that technology can be used for the greater good and to promote peaceful coexistence or mitigate conflict.
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