Thoughts from the Bureau of International Crisis (by Zineb Boustil)

The Bureau of International Crisis was proud to be part of this international conference and happy to share its ideas about the use of new technologies in the peacebuilding field. Since we created the Bureau in March 2015, the conference was our first international meeting. We took this opportunity to officially start our activities and present our organization of crisis resolution to the peacebuilding community. The welcome was amazing and now we feel stronger and more confident.

The chance we had to share our work was more than just a presence in a conference. It was our privilege to be able to travel to Cyprus and have those moments of sharing. Build Peace should not be about us, about those who were present but more about all the peacemakers living in conflicted regions who had not even had the chance to hear about the conference. This is a real issue, how to make people living a crisis part of their own peacebuilding processes?

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