Register & Contribute

Build Peace 2022 will take place on November 4 – 6 in Chemnitz, Germany.

Registration to attend the conference will open on June 15.

Applications to speak are now closed. Speakers will be announced in the full conference program.

We value the experience and expertise beyond our immediate network. Every year, we make a public call for applications to deliver sessions.

Sessions can be individual talks, panels, workshops, hackathons, art installations, guided walks, yoga, wild swims, maker spaces, dance parties… and anything else you can imagine that will contribute to our collective learning and sharing.

In the application form below, you will be asked to explain what your session will share and how you will share it. You will then be able to request the time and number of participants that would ideally suit your session. You will also be able to request support to cover your travel costs.

Before applying to contribute, please review the conference program to ensure your contribution speaks to the Build Peace 2022 themes.

The application deadline is May 22.

What is Build Peace?

Build Peace explores emergent challenges to peace in a digital era, and peacebuilding innovations to address these challenges. We hold an inter-disciplinary space and address different topics every year. How to build peace? Join us to chart the future.