Build Peace Conference

Build Peace 2024 will take place in Manila, the Philippines from November 14-16

Every year, the Build Peace conference explores emergent challenges to peace in a digital era, and peacebuilding innovations to address these challenges. It holds an inter-disciplinary space to address the most pressing topics and transformative practices in peace, conflict, and innovation.

This year, the conference will be about “Pushing Frontiers, From the Ground Up“, and our co-organizers are the Council for Climate and Conflict Action. Whether it is your tenth time attending, or your first, we warmly invite you to bring your questions, ideas, and experiences as we chart the future together.

How to get involved:

Entering a new decade of Build Peace

2024 marks the 11th annual Build Peace conference. We work hard to extensively document the conference every year. We invite you to dig into our conference archives, or go straight to our video library and explore some of the 200+ recorded talks from past years of Build Peace.

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