Travel to Zürich

General information about our host city of Zürich can be found here. We recommend you walk or enjoy Zürich’s excellent public transportation system to move around the city including conference venues. Taxis are prohibitively expensive compared to other international cities.

We recommend those traveling by airplane fly to / from Zürich airport (ZRH), which is served by most international airlines. The city centre and conference location are 15-20min from the airport via public transportation.
Alternatively, you may fly into Basel-Mulhouse (BSL; 1h 15min away by train) or Geneva (GVA; 3h away by train). Be aware that very early / late flight times from these airports may require an overnight stay nearby due to train schedules.
“Supersaver” train tickets within Switzerland, significantly discounted from full fares, can only be purchased from the SBB app. These require you to travel on the specific schedule and train of the ticket purchased.

Accommodation, Venues & Directions

The main conference including all plenary and breakout sessions will be held at ETHzürich in the NO Building. The main entrance to the building is located at Sonneggstrasse 5, 8092 Zürich. Conference participants should use the second entrance at Clausiusstrasse 26, which will be open throughout the weekend. Zürich has an excellent public transport network, you can use the Zürich ZVV website to check how to get to the venue from any location in the city.
We suggest that you look for hotels using or AirBnB (we have found both have affordable options).

Hotel Adler offers participants a 5% discount if you use the promo code: BUILDPEACE2016.

The two areas most conveniently located in relation to our conference venue are around Zürich HB and Bellevue. However, you may find that hotels further out are cheaper.

To get to the conference venue from Zürich HB (main) train station, take Tram Nr. 10 (direction “Flughafen”) or Tram Nr. 6 (direction “Zoo”) three stops to “ETH / Universitätsspital”. Alternatively, you can take the Polybahn cablecar from “Central” to “ETH Zentrum.”

From Bellevue, take Tram Nr. 9 (direction “Hirzenbach”) three stops to “ETH / Universitätsspital.”

Visa Applications

Please note that applying for and securing a visa to Switzerland is your responsibility. Here is a list of countries that require a visa to enter Switzerland. Check these regulations carefully and if you require a visa to enter, please indicate it when you register for the conference. We will be in touch with you shortly to support your application by providing you with an invitation letter. It is your responsibility to complete the rest of the visa application process.

You can apply for your visa via the online application website from 9 June 2016 onwards.

Please note that you are responsible for purchasing travel insurance with a minimal cover of EUR 30,000, as required by the Swiss government. Please check with your local representation that the insurance company you are considering is duly recognised.

Build Peace Travel Fund

We appreciate that not everybody can afford travel to Switzerland and are committed to promoting diversity at Build Peace. This is why we are making a travel fund available to cover transport and accommodation costs. Applications closed on April 15, 2016.