Sharpen your design toolkit with this design workshop for peacebuilders. In this workshop, participants will use Build Peace as a platform to gain a hands-on understanding of codesign steps for defining questions/needs through community engagement, and developing solutions through prototype projects that directly address the conference attendees’ needs. The Build Peace conference will be the laboratory for learning, applying and testing the codesign process.

In the first half of the workshop, participants will learn and use participatory methods to find opportunities for intervention through dialogue within the community of peacebuilders at the conference, and will work to describe a set of opportunities for positive change for the Build Peace conference. The second half of the workshop will be a prototyping phase where participants will develop, prototype and test solutions implemented in the conference space. As the conference progresses, workshop participants will see the impact of their projects — were they effective in the intended ways, or did they have a different outcome? What do community members think of the changes, and how can the prototype be iterated to adjust the impact? The workshop will conclude with a discussion around how such processes can translate to a peacebuilding setting.


Part 1 — Finding Opportunities for Positive Change (70 minutes)

BREAK! (15 minutes)

Part 2 — Describing the Solutions (130 minutes)

Part 3 — Reflect – 30 minutes