Build Peace 2017

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Build Peace is a conference that brings together practitioners, activists, artists and technologists from around the world to share experience and ideas on using technology, arts and research for peacebuilding and conflict transformation.
How to build peace? Join us to chart the future.

We explore technologies to enhance the impact of peacebuilding initiatives.

How can information and communications technologies, games, networking platforms and other technology tools enhance the impact of peacebuilding activities?

Build Peace brings together local and international thought-leaders and activists to re-think approaches.

How can we better approach early warning and crisis response, attitude and behavior change, collaboration, dialogue, and policy advocacy?

We believe that broadening participation can shape the future of peacebuilding.

Technology tools, arts-based approaches and participatory research can all shift the balance of power, allowing peacebuilders to challenge prevalent narratives & identities.


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Build Peace 2015 – Peace through Technology: By Whom, For Whom? The second Build Peace conference took place on April 25 and 26, 2015 in the world’s last divided capital city: Nicosia, Cyprus.

Build Peace explores art and cultural works as tools for conflict mediation, reconciliation and rebuilding, storytelling, heritage, and education, with a specific focus on the impact and increasing relevance of technology on all aspects of artistic and cultural work.
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“How can we replace physical infrastructures with technological infrastructures in politically repressive environments?” Dalia Haj-Omar, a Sudanese activist and keynote speaker at Build Peace 2015, explains her experience.

“Could there be an IP range, for the Internet of Things, dedicated to peace through peaceful means?” Sanjana Hattotuwa, keynote speaker at Build Peace 2014, reflects on the future of technology in peacebuilding.
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The first Build Peace conference was held in April 2014 at the MIT Media Lab, and explored how information and communications technologies, games, networking platforms and other tools can enhance the impact of a broad range of peacebuilding, social cohesion and peace advocacy initiatives.

Highlights & takeaways from participants

From maker spaces to community arts to participatory polling, people are constantly inventing new avenues to engage in social change. Build Peace results in both continued networking among participants and strengthened thought leadership on peace innovation.

“You managed to create the space for structured dialogue, but also the kind of interactions and sharing that you’ll never even know of, that happened between so many of those who attended.” Sanjana Hattotuwa (ICT4Peace Foundation)

“It is a rare occasion that I end up in the same room as so many folks speaking the same language and I hope this is only the beginning of what is possible when we put our heads together.” Emilie Reiser (Digital Democracy)

“The whole atmosphere felt like a band of collective tension eased across the attendees, and everyone I talked with was enthusiastic about being there.” Jacob Lefton (Peace Jam)

“A very big congratulations and thank you for your efforts and the success of this much needed conference. While it created more needs than it addressed, it demonstrates how timely coordinated efforts towards strengthening the way we effectively use technology really is.” Jerry McCann (Interpeace)