Build Peace 2017

– Making paper count: new forms of citizen participation in peace agreements

Universidad de los Andes (Bogotá), December 4 – 6, 2017

Build Peace is a conference that brings together practitioners, activists, artists and technologists from around the world to share experience and ideas on using technology, arts and research for peacebuilding and conflict transformation.
How to build peace? Join us to chart the future.

We explore technologies to enhance the impact of peacebuilding initiatives.

How can information and communications technologies, games, networking platforms and other technology tools enhance the impact of peacebuilding activities?

Build Peace brings together local and international thought-leaders and activists to re-think approaches.

How can we better approach early warning and crisis response, attitude and behavior change, collaboration, dialogue, and policy advocacy?

We believe that broadening participation can shape the future of peacebuilding.

Technology tools, arts-based approaches and participatory research can all shift the balance of power, allowing peacebuilders to challenge prevalent narratives & identities.


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Build Peace dialogues bring together two speakers from different fields to answer the same question. In this dialogue at Build Peace 2016, Diana Dajer and Jonathan Stray discuss: What can peacebuilders in the global North and South learn from each other about the ethics of peacetech?

Build Peace 2015 – Peace through Technology: By Whom, For Whom? The second Build Peace conference took place on April 25 and 26, 2015 in the world’s last divided capital city: Nicosia, Cyprus.

“How can we replace physical infrastructures with technological infrastructures in politically repressive environments?” Dalia Haj-Omar, a Sudanese activist and keynote speaker at Build Peace 2015, explains her experience.

The first Build Peace conference was held in April 2014 at the MIT Media Lab, and explored how information and communications technologies, games, networking platforms and other tools can enhance the impact of a broad range of peacebuilding, social cohesion and peace advocacy initiatives.

Watch Sanjana Hattotuwa of the ICT4Peace Foundation talk about the future of conflict and its transformation in this keynote speech at the Build Peace 2014 conference.